Popular arts


The area of Hail has its own traditions in arts. Popular arts and tradition song are familiar. These songs are sung for three reasons: Showing the happiness occasions such as marriage and wedding parties, feasts and in the days of victory. Some of the most famous popular arts can be outlined as the following:

  1. Al-Arrthah or the war dance: Accompanied with songs lasted until now days men sing these songs during dancing and war preparing or after achieving victory as well as feasts and weddings.
  2. Al-Samry: It is about songs art for enjoyment. This art is still practiced up till now. Women may sing this art as well.
  3. Al-Hejainy: This kind of singing was done by men on camels. It is done for enjoyment to motivate tired people to cover longer distance.
  4. Sining on horses: It depends on one drum and the horsemen sing during competition to renew their courage to face their enemies.
  5. Building singing: It was done by people who work in building for enjoyment.
  6. Singing at cutting the branches of palm trees: Men sing this art of singing for enjoyment.
  7. Sawany guide singing: It is done by the one who guide Sawany and the camels.
  8. Singing at putting water into carrying water camels after getting it from wells: Men sing that art for enjoyment.
  9. Singing in the bridegroom room: Young men sing it such as Al-Samry but if girls want to sing it, it will be a song for dancing during wedding parties.
  10. Singing by the harp ( Al-Rababah ): Men sing it for enjoyment.
  11. Singing while cutting corps: Men sing it for renewing their activities and power.
  12. Singing for dancing: Women sing on drums voices on weddings occasions, feast and entertainment.
  13. Singing during using a mell: Women sing this art for entertainment.
  14. Singing during smashing corps: Singing this song for entertainment.
  15. Songs for children dancing: Women sing and so men during entertaining their children and to let them dance for enjoyment.