Tourism Parks

Hail area has advantages in its parks, gardens and places suitable to tourism like Mountains and hills in addition to valleys and flat land. There are tens of places which save comfortable enjoyment for tourists and for people from everywhere. The rocky caves such as Zameel cave in Habran mountain which can contain tens of cars and many of people. Aja and Salma mountains have hundreds of places for tourism with wonderful lands. Sand dunes with their golden color. The natural places, fresh air and different kinds of trees give the area special advantages for being a tourism place in addition to good weather in summer and winter. Towns and villages have every facilities for people inside the area or visitors. Camping in the wilderness is a great enjoyment. Nature attracts people to make weekly picnics and trips. Natural gardens and parks in addition to wide farms which grow natural and organic vegetables as well as many other corps are amazing. Agriculture has a great role in the people's income and in their economical development life in Hail region is really enjoyable and interesting.