Marriage request from abroad


Procedures Terms

1. Model provides a call from the applicant and specifying a country that wants to marry her.

2. Attach a copy of Civil Status card.

3. The age of the 35-year-old up to 70 years, unless the absolute and went on his divorce six months, or was sick and proved by a medical report or a sick wife can check if the above request Say old age permitted and described. As well as if he has a kinship Palmrgob her to marry and have proved this.

Documents Required

1.sourh of ID card to the applicant if the marriage did not marry, and the family card if he was married.

2. A copy of the instrument of divorce if at all.

3. A copy of the death certificate if his wife was dead.

4. If desired, including a foreign marriage and staying within the kingdom, he must bring a copy of a valid residence.

5. Drop divorced wife of the family card.

Note / All of these documents are brought by the police after referral recall them.